Looking for Yasmine

"Je vous aime très fort et je veux salut"

"This girl is on fire"


I love to sing. I can sing something for you if you want. Maybe, not in French. Actually, let's go with some Alicia Keys
I love to turn on the music and dance in my room. Really. Move the table and the chairs and everything and just dance to it. I sing along. I love to go to clubs and dance there, but I need a little alcohol for that.
I also want to learn Arabic. I know some words, and I ask my Dad how to say some things, but I need to time to master the language

But hey, let me count for you. Wahed, ethnein, thalatha, arba-a, khamsa, sitta, sab-a, thamanya, tis-a, ashara.


If it wasn't for war, I would go directly there. Take one-way ticket and fly to Syria.

I don't remember anything from my stay in Syria. I was way too young, just a year old. But I look through the pictures we have. There are my parents on the beach in Syria. My mother wearing a bikini. Can you believe it - a bikini in Syria!

I like looking through the old pictures

"It's part of me. Half of my family is still there, in Syria. Looking at what happened there, it is just too sad"

I don't recommend going to Belgium. Not the best place in the wolrd.


But if you do come, visit Bruges

I don't like Brussels too much

I mean, it's ok.

As Belgians, we like to enjoy life and spend time with friends and family. We like to be in pubs and relax. We have great food.

But we can also be quite rude, especially in Brussels.

So if you visit Belgium, go to Bruges. It is the place to be, my favorite place in the country. You have to see it for yourself.

I spent my entire life there, and I live with my Mom. I am Belgian.

My mother is from Belgium, and my father is Syrian. I think it's sad that I cannot have my mother's last name alongside my father's. I mean, they are both important.

Once, I talked with a boy from Congo, former Belgian colony in Africa. It was so weird that we controlled such a huge country while Belgium is so small

I mean, all we did was take their diamonds and use them to get rich.


My favorite place in the world is a small village in Turkey. I visited it with my Mom. It was a long time ago. The place was so peaceful and quiet, and just perfect. I could stay there forever.

Before I start working, I want to see the world

Just like a big break, you know. Just see the world first.

I love Asia. I want to visit more places there.

I want to go to India, but am a bit scared for my safety. So, if there is someone who wants to join me, maybe, a guy, then, why not?

I like Denmark. It has been 4 months of joy and happiness. Being there enabled me to understand the Scandinavian culture and to live it. I'll never forget the people I met which I consider now as a second family.
I study Communications and doing an Erasmus in Denmark. Here, I do so much more things that I usually do at home.
In Brussels, life is nothing special. Here, it's so much more. So much more events.


I am a sensitive person
I am anxious and emotional
I usually get along with everyone, but if you are mean to me, it's not going to be ok.
I am one of these people who likes to postpone things. But although life is hard, I try to keep it up.
My family means a lot to me




I was born twenty years ago. It's just the start
My name is Yasmine. I am from Brussels, and I am twenty years old. I study Communications and live in Denmark for a semester. I am anxious and sensitive. Half of my family is Syrian, so I feel connected to it. I wish I could visit the place. I want to travel, and I will before I begin to work. I don't know what else to say about me. What can I say about me?
If you are watching me, I wish you all the best
Written by Anya Romandash
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